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The Fire Prevention Bureau’s responsibility is to enforce the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Code.  This code is designed to protect the public from fire safety hazards in commercial businesses.  The Bureau does inspections of businesses once the Building Department issues a ‘Certificate of Occupancy.’

The Bureau is also responsible for registering businesses with the State or Town (depending on the type of business classification), and investigates complaints of potential fire hazards in commercial businesses. Every business in Hazlet Township must be registered with The Bureau of Fire Prevention.

Please use the link on the right "Forms and Information" for a Commerical Application to register your business with The Bureau of Fire Prevention.


What to Expect During a Fire Inspection:
The inspector will introduce himself, present identification and inform you of the purpose of the inspection, i.e. annual fire inspection.

The inspector will ask you for any required paperwork such as a sprinkler and/or fire alarm inspection report.

The inspector will then proceed to inspect the entire occupancy. A representative of the occupant is requested to accompany the inspector. The representative should have keys or other methods to access all areas to facilitate the inspection. During the inspection, the inspector will point out violations and corrective requirements.





The most common violations found are:

Exit and emergency lighting out
Exits and exit ways blocked, locked, inaccessible
Fire extinguisher annual inspection due
Poor housekeeping, excess rubbish
Merchandise stacked too high, unstable piles
Improper use of extension cords
Fire doors chocked open
Improper storage of propane
Utility access blocked (gas meters, electrical panels)
Range hoods and ducts not cleaned

After the inspection is complete you will receive a written report of all violations found and an "Order to Correct" notice. Normally you will have 15 days to correct all violations. In the case of certain serious violations you may be given a shorter time period, typically 7 days to correct the serious violation. If the violation is deemed to be an "Imminent Hazard" , the premises may be closed down until the hazard is corrected. The Bureau will re-inspect on or about 15 days after issuance of the violation notice. It is expected that all violations will have been corrected at that time. Failure to correct all violations may result in the issuance of a penalty.